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Students sharing a vision with an ambitious drive to impact and foster change decided they wanted to make a difference in how mental health is perceived and decided to make the "invisible visible."  I'M OK Perfectly Flawed made its debut on Thursday, March 3, 2022. 

 I'M OK Perfectly Flawed members educated fellow students and staff on the importance of taking care of themselves mentally.  I'M OK Perfectly Flawed showered their participants with positive affirmations as they demonstrated their commitment to be a support resource. Participants in attendance were provided with handouts on various mental health issues.  

 I'M OK Perfectly Flawed provided the many attendees with vital information on how and where to get help. I'M OK Perfectly Flawed educated its participants on stress releasing techniques while providing them with an onsite made stressed ball. 

 I'M OK Perfectly Flawed is currently made of 12 students committed to promoting awareness to mental health with a goal of eradicating the stigma attached to mental health.  I'm OK Perfectly Flawed wants everyone to know, "It's OK Not To Be OK."

 I'M OK Perfectly Flawed members: Tiliyah Lewis, Amari Winkfield, Trevion Ashley, Nykeera Lewis, Jaylon Moss, Malaysia Hubert, Giyani Hunt, Chris Edwards, Shaliyah Legette, Taylor Freeman, KeMon Lundy, Kenneth Taylor.