Mission Statement

 Hancock County Strategic Planning Team

The vision of the Hancock County School District is to EMPOWER students to EMBRACE learning to ACHIEVE their maximum learning potential.


The mission of the Hancock County School District is to empower students to become globally competitive.


I.           Student Success & Achievement
1. Improve level of Rigor.
2. Increase Student Mastery of the Curriculum.
3.      Improve the integration of technology in daily instruction.
4.       Provide resources to meet the social emotion needs of learners.

II.      Safe & Supportive Learning Environment
1.    Develop and implement effective, efficient operational processes.
2.   Create and sustain safe school environments.
3.   Create and sustain a supportive work environment that focuses on stakeholder collaboration.

 III.       Improve Staff Effectiveness
1.    Employ qualified faculty and staff for all positions.
2.    Recognize and retain high-performing faculty and staff.
 3.    Develop succession plan for Leadership development.

IV.       Stakeholder Engagement
1.    Increase the variety of communication tools used to interact with stakeholders.
2.    Establish and sustain meaningful business and higher education partnerships.
3.    Expand family engagement opportunities.


We, the Hancock County School District, believe that:

•    All students have the potential to learn and excel.
•   Teacher and leader quality have the single greatest impact on student achievement and district success.
•   The most important thing a teacher can do is teach students HOW to learn.
•    Parents and the community play an integral role in creating a well-rounded, informed, productive citizen.

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